Monthly round up – March

Hello! How have you been? Hope you've had a good month since my last round up. I've had an eventful few weeks, both from a crafting point of view and life in general. About which, more in a bit! Since my last round up, miraculously I've managed to post two blogs - one rounding up… Continue reading Monthly round up – March

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Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

Well look at this, I'm actually writing a blog post when I said I would. Miracles will never cease! So, Edinburgh Yarn Festival happened. Boy did it happen. And I think we're all suffering the post-EYF blues now (what? It's a thing, trust me), so I'm reliving in the hope it reminds me of the… Continue reading Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018


Monthly round up – November & December, plus a few FOs

Yes, I know. What can I say? It's been Christmas, and I'm a crafter and a musician, which automatically means that I'm ridiculously busy, and it takes me a week of sleeping after it's all over to recover before I can even contemplate any kind of brain activity. I went back to work today after… Continue reading Monthly round up – November & December, plus a few FOs


Yarndale, and monthly round up – September

I started writing this a week ago, got distracted, and only just got back to finish the Yarndale section now. I know, I know. So some of the WIPs have moved on a bit, but I figured I'd leave them for next time. I know, I know, I said I'd do a Yarndale post, and… Continue reading Yarndale, and monthly round up – September


Monthly round up – June

This is what I'm planning to call my regular posts about what's going on and where my projects are at. This is my equivalent of the nattering bit of podcasts, where the podcaster tells you what they've been up to, what they've got coming up, and what's on the needles, and knowing my propensity for… Continue reading Monthly round up – June