Finished Objects

FO: Priha socks (Tour De Sock warm up)

Guess what? More finished socks! I feel like I've knit nothing but socks for months, but at this time of year I don't want big heavy projects as they make me too hot to work on, so socks are perfect. I'm definitely doing something else once Tour De Sock is over though. These are the Priha… Continue reading FO: Priha socks (Tour De Sock warm up)


Monthly round up – June

This is what I'm planning to call my regular posts about what's going on and where my projects are at. This is my equivalent of the nattering bit of podcasts, where the podcaster tells you what they've been up to, what they've got coming up, and what's on the needles, and knowing my propensity for… Continue reading Monthly round up – June

Finished Objects

FO: Beach Hut Socks

Another Finished Object, and yes, it's socks again. You will soon learn that I make more socks than anything else. They're small, portable projects that fit in my handbag, and have short rounds so I can stop at any time without being in the middle of a row. And they're addictive. And I have to… Continue reading FO: Beach Hut Socks

Finished Objects

FO: G&T Catnip Socks

FO = Finished Object, just in case you're not familiar with the term... Since I keep splodging their photo everywhere (because it's one of the few half decent photos I could find), I figured I'd better do a post about these socks:   (Excuse the pasty pale Yorkshire legs - I can't help those, I'm… Continue reading FO: G&T Catnip Socks