Monthly round up – May & June

Yep, it happened again, I failed to do a month. Whatever. I was busy. Deal with it. At least I managed an FO in the meantime though - check out my Curses Socks, they're pretty cool. What's been going on? Well first up there's been a lot of wedding planning. My Fiance and I are… Continue reading Monthly round up – May & June


Monthly round up – April

Hi, and happy May! How have you been? Its been a good month - the sun has started showing up at long last, and I've had some decent crafting time, so I got an FO in the form of my Rainbow Stripy Socks. What's been going on? Its been a good month here in Yorkshire… Continue reading Monthly round up – April


Monthly round up – March

Hello! How have you been? Hope you've had a good month since my last round up. I've had an eventful few weeks, both from a crafting point of view and life in general. About which, more in a bit! Since my last round up, miraculously I've managed to post two blogs - one rounding up… Continue reading Monthly round up – March

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Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

Well look at this, I'm actually writing a blog post when I said I would. Miracles will never cease! So, Edinburgh Yarn Festival happened. Boy did it happen. And I think we're all suffering the post-EYF blues now (what? It's a thing, trust me), so I'm reliving in the hope it reminds me of the… Continue reading Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

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Monthly round up – January & February

It happened again. I even had a reminder set on my calendar for 1st Feb to do the January round up, and I've been ignoring it for almost a month, so I may as well do two together. Whatever. I have one small FO this month, although as you'll see I have another one pretty… Continue reading Monthly round up – January & February


Monthly round up – November & December, plus a few FOs

Yes, I know. What can I say? It's been Christmas, and I'm a crafter and a musician, which automatically means that I'm ridiculously busy, and it takes me a week of sleeping after it's all over to recover before I can even contemplate any kind of brain activity. I went back to work today after… Continue reading Monthly round up – November & December, plus a few FOs


Yarndale, and monthly round up – September

I started writing this a week ago, got distracted, and only just got back to finish the Yarndale section now. I know, I know. So some of the WIPs have moved on a bit, but I figured I'd leave them for next time. I know, I know, I said I'd do a Yarndale post, and… Continue reading Yarndale, and monthly round up – September