About me

I’m Becci. I’m a singer, who crafts. I guess that much is a bit obvious.

I’m a musician – I sing, play the piano, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, and anything else that anyone wants to chuck in my general direction, with varying degrees of success. I even teach other people to do some of these things, which is mostly fun, occasionally frustrating, but always rewarding. I sing with the Clerkes of All Saints, whose website is here.

I also craft, a lot – knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, cross stitch, bullet journalling, Bible journalling, also with varying degrees of success. I can be found on Ravelry as jellybabybex and on Instagram as thecraftysinger.

I’m nerdy, I love films, silly games on my tablet (DragonVale is my jam), and I read/listen to audiobooks and podcasts a lot. I also have a day job working for the Church, and I live in Yorkshire with my fiance and our two cats.