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FO: Hither & Thither Socks

I suddenly realised the other day that I hadn’t done an FO post for my socks. They got completed a day or two after the last round up post, and I took a few pictures, but not many, and then evidently completely forgot to write them up. Ah well. The regular round up will be coming in due course too.

Incidentally, it’s far too hot to wear the bloody things. For the first time ever, I finished a knitting project and didn’t immediately want to wear it! They went on very briefly for photos and came straight off again. Currently living in the sock basket waiting for the current British heatwave to calm the heck down.


Hither and Thither Socks
Hither and Thither Socks

These are another test knit for Zoe Carter of the Pins and Needles podcast on Youtube. I’ve test knit all her sock patterns so far (I think) and I really like them all! You can find the others here – Curses Socks and Beach Hut Socks. The pattern is Hither and Thither Socks which is now available to buy on Ravelry.

Hither and Thither Socks
Hither and Thither Socks

The patterned side is only on the front of the leg and top of the foot, making it a much quicker knit than normal, and is made up using cabled slipped stitches. The pattern repeat is 8 rows officially, but actually really only 4 rows (with the next 4 being offset a bit and twisted the other way), so easy to memorise. The heel is a fairly normal heel flap and gusset, and a normal wedge toe. I knit the largest (72 stitch size) on my usual KnitPro Symfonie sock needles in 2.25mm, using the magic loop method.

My yarn is (just for a change…!) EasyKnits Deeply Wicked+ in colourway Kisses, which I bought at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in 2017. It’s a great 75/25 merino nylon blend, and is my go-to sock yarn. I’m gradually working my way through my stash of it, but I swear Jon puts some sort of highly addictive substance in his dye pots – I’m not capable of walking past his stand without buying something! I used about 80g (of the 100g skein) so the leftovers will go into my never ending scrap blanket.

I really like the fit of these socks – I think the cabling pulls the sock a tiny bit snugger so they actually fit my feet far better than my socks often do (I’m still working on finding my perfect stitch count/needle combo for my feet). As always, the pattern is very clear and easy to follow – highly recommended!

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