Finished Objects

FO: Wonder Woman Wrap

I know. I haven’t done an October round up. But it’s getting to the point where I may as well wait and do October and November together, so that’s what I’m going to do. Sod it. It’s my blog, I make the rules. So there. Anyway…

A couple of weeks ago I finished my Wonder Woman Wrap, and I love it! Here it is, beautifully modelled by my office floor. Whatever.

The pattern is here on Ravelry, and is by Carissa Browning. There is also a crochet version, which you can find here on Ravelry. Both are free. I made the Wondrous size (as opposed to Wee!), which I thought would use up more yarn and be bigger than it is, which is a bit annoying if I’m honest. I wish I could have come up with a way of making it bigger, but without knowing at the beginning, it would have thrown off the proportions if I had, for example, made a wider top border. As it is, it used about 75g of each colour, so I have a quarter of each skein left to do something with… Decision yet to be made, watch this space. I knit it on 3.5mm needles, using my KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable needles, as recommended by the pattern. Larger needles would have made it bigger, but would have changed the density of the fabric, and I like it the way it is.

The yarn is, frankly, absolutely bloody gorgeous. I literally cannot tell you enough how amazing it is. It is Tanami by Larissa of TravelKnitter on Etsy, and I cannot recommend her enough. I’ve used her yarn before (in my Beach Hut Socks), and that was lovely, but this stuff is off the planet levels of good. It’s a 50/50 baby camel and silk blend, and it is like butter. If I’m honest, when it arrived, I rubbed it all over my face, and then shoved it down my top. It’s flipping amazing. This is how it looked before it was knit up…

That photo is a little on the dark side, oops. The colourways are Double Happiness and Sand Dune. The colours are beautiful muted shades, which is what I wanted for this wrap. A lot of people have made it in bright primary red and yellow, but that wasn’t the effect I was after. I didn’t realise until I started knitting it up, but it’s ever so slightly tonal. You can see the colour variations better in this pic:

Yep, my office floor again. I’m yet to get a decent pic of me wearing it – it feels amazing to wear (even if I do wish it was another foot or two longer), but I can’t seem to get the right angle to show it off. I think I might need to recruit D to help with that. Another gratuitous shot, this time from blocking in the spare room, so you can see it against a different type of floor covering instead:

In case you’re wondering, yes those are children’s foam mats. They’re a crapload cheaper than official blocking mats, and as long as you double them up on thickness so you don’t stab the carpet with your pins, they’re perfectly good.

So, to summarise… Yarn – amazing. Pattern – easy to follow, what’s not to love about acres of easy garter stitch. Would I make it again? Probably (although for someone else, not for me, I’m not sure I need two!).

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