Finished Objects

FO: Tour De Sock 2017 Stage Four – Mosaic Marbles

I got these finished just after I had published my last monthly round up post, but it’s taken a few days to get some half decent pictures of them (thanks, Autumn in Yorkshire!) and get them written up.

These are the Tour De Sock Stage Four pattern, Mosaic Marbles by Kirsten Hall, knitted from West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply, knit on 2.5mm needles, as per the pattern recommendation. The yarn doesn’t have colourways on the labels, but as you can see, they’re a mid blue and turquoise. I wasn’t totally sure if there was enough contrast between them when I started, but I’m happy now that there is, without them being garish. Not that garish is a bad thing – I have plenty of loud socks! The yarn is nice – it’s not super soft, but does feel very hard wearing, and is machine washable, which is always a winner in my book!

The mosaic pattern is all around the leg of the sock, and then on the top of the foot only – the sole continues the plain stripes. Mosaic knitting is a new technique to me, but it’s way easier than I expected, and much easier to maintain decent tension than stranded knitting, because each row is knit with just one colour at a time, slipping the secondary colour stitches, which is what makes the rows pull up and down.

Overall I really enjoyed this pattern, and I think I will make them again at some point. It’s very clearly written, even for a mosaic knitting newbie, and very helpfully has the charts and instructions written out for both a light and dark main colour, so if you’re knitting the two socks with the colours reversed, you have less chance of getting in a muddle. There are also six different sizes to choose from, which is more than I’ve ever seen in any other sock pattern. For the record, these are the 72 stitch size (the fourth largest), and I have UK size 7 feet (normally I make about 68 or 69 stitch vanilla socks).

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