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FO: Tour De Sock Stage Three – Indecisions

Hurray, I finished something!! And about flipping time too!


These are the Tour De Sock Stage Three pattern, Indecisions by Adrienne Fong. The yarn is Owl About Yarn Cuddly Owl Sock in colourway Fuchsia Obsidian, which fell into my cart when I was getting something else – I saw it and it had to come home with me! It’s 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, and just lovely to knit with. The socks have been through the wash and there hasn’t been any colour loss, so I’m well chuffed! I knit them on 2.5mm KnitPro Symfonie needles, in the larger pattern size. A friend told me they reminded him of liquorice allsorts, and he’s definitely on to something there!


They’re the pair I got closest to completing by the finishing line during the competition (other than Stage One, which I actually did finish on time). This is where they were at the end of the stage, which wasn’t actually that much left to do, but I abandoned them in favour of Stage Four for a while (which still aren’t finished, sigh!), until I realised I wanted a quick win, and got cracking!


The pattern has a few different options in it – for TdS, you could get a bonus point if you did a picot hem and a patterned heel flap, which I decided to have a go at. Obviously it all became a moot point when I didn’t finish on time, but the thought was there.


The main body of the pattern alternates both horizontally and vertically between a short cabled section and a simple lace section – hence the name Indecisions, I’m guessing! I really liked it – it changed enough to keep my interest, but the repeats were short enough that I could memorise the pattern fairly easily. There was a lot of mixed opinion on it, and I think the decision of the organisers to recommend variegated yarn was a bad idea, but I still love them anyway. The pattern would definitely have showed up far better on a solid or tonal yarn.

I’ve worn them a few times already, and realised last week that they look rather good with my pink holographic Dr Marten boots!


Overall, a good pattern, and gorgeous yarn. Possibly not the right combination of the two, but I love them anyway! I’m just happy to have finished something to be honest!!

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