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FO: Tour De Sock Stage One – Fins

I’m on a roll lately! Hot on the heels of having knit the Beach Hut Socks in a fortnight, I thought I’d never manage to get a pair done any quicker than that, but I did, and in style too.

When I signed up for Tour De Sock on Team Knit Socks And Be Awesome a few weeks back, it was initially just as a cheerleader (i.e. I didn’t need to worry about actually finishing by the deadline), but there were a couple of spaces left on the team, so in a rush of blood to the head, I agreed, albeit with some trepidation and much ‘if I even finish one pair of the six on time, it’ll be a miracle’. Instead, I came 413th in this stage, which I will take as success! Some people finished the same day the pattern was released, but I’m fairly sure they must have super human knitting skills…

Anyway, not only have I finished these on time, but I finished with two clear days to spare! The pattern was released on Saturday 15 July, with a finishing line of Tuesday 25 July, i.e. ten days. I cast on in the evening of Saturday 15th, and finished the knitting late on Saturday 22nd (I still had ends to weave in and pictures to take at that point, but it was almost 1am and my bed was calling, so I decided that would wait). Admittedly in that time, I have had more free time than normal, but not excessively so, and I have been trying not to knit too much, or at least to take regular breaks, otherwise my hands cramp up something nasty (thanks hypermobility). So I’m pretty impressed with myself. It’s amazing what the promise of fake internet points can do for your motivation.

Anyway, onto the actual socks…


The pattern is called Fins and is by Sarah Bordelon, who runs Tour De Sock, and it’s great – very easy to follow and remember. Without giving too much away (it is a paid pattern, after all), they are knit from the toe up, with a rather odd construction – once you’ve knitted the bulk of the foot, you insert scrap yarn at the top of the instep, and the heel is knit straight away so you end up with a sealed up thing that looks like a rainbow pitta bread, then the scrap yarn is taken back out and the leg added as an afterthought. It’s just like doing an afterthought heel, just with the components in a different order! Here’s a pic of one of the socks in pitta bread mode:


You can see the black scrap yarn row up near the top (the other dangly yarns are lifelines that I put in before and after the scrap row to help pick up the stitches more easily). My only concern is that the heel is only one layer thick, unlike the double layer you get with slip stitch type heels, but I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll be fine.

I also love the little fins that run around the top, which have the added benefit of meaning that I didn’t need to find a suitably stretchy bind off, which I’m notoriously bad at. The number of times I’ve had to unpick my bind off and have a second (or a third…) go at it so I can actually get my foot into my socks is embarrassing. You’d think I’d have learnt by now…


My yarn is the Owl About Yarn Sparkle Owl sock yarn (75% merino, 20% nylon and 5% stellina) in the Wonder Woman colourway, which is the limited run one done by Jennie for the Wonder Woman kits she was selling back in June. I bought mine for myself as a birthday present, and showed pics of it in my June round up post, and I couldn’t wait to use it! The sparkle isn’t coming across very well in the pictures, but I promise it’s there in real life. I knit the socks using 2.5mm needles. Because I like to live dangerously, I didn’t do a tension swatch (plus swatching is a dirty word in my regular thread on Ravelry!) but I know that the combination of 2.5mm needles and somewhere between 66 and 72 stitch sock patterns usually fit me, and these fit perfectly.

Overall, excellent pattern and lovely yarn! Bring on Stage Two, which is released on Tuesday, and apparently requires a main colour and two contrast colours. I suspect I might not be so fast this time, but we’ll see!

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