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FO: Priha socks (Tour De Sock warm up)

Guess what? More finished socks! I feel like I’ve knit nothing but socks for months, but at this time of year I don’t want big heavy projects as they make me too hot to work on, so socks are perfect. I’m definitely doing something else once Tour De Sock is over though.


These are the Priha pattern by Tiina Kuu, which were released a few weeks ago as the Tour De Sock warm up pattern for competitors who had registered in advance. They’re now available as a Ravelry download.

Excuse the office pictures by the way – I was at my desk (on my lunch break, for the record!) when I finished them so decided to take some pics while the light was good. I did make sure anything identifying/confidential was well hidden out of the way though.

I decided I didn’t want to buy yarn specifically for these socks, since I’ve already bought a few skeins for the main TdS competition, so I went stash diving to find some suitably contrasting yarns to manage the colourwork. I didn’t quite have enough of anything contrasting enough for the colourwork, so I used something different again for the cuffs and toes. I used 2. 5mm needles throughout, which turned out to be a mistake, as you will see below…


The cuffs and toes are the leftovers of Easy Knits yarn from my G&T Catnip Socks, the main colour is Knitglobal Sock Yarn in the colourway 399 Carnival, and the contrast colour is some different leftover Easy Knits yarn, Deeply Wicked + in colourway Evanora, which doesn’t seem to be available currently. So much for not doing colourwork in variegated yarns, which is apparently the generally accepted wisdom. What a load of nonsense. Although admittedly, the Evanora isn’t as variegated as the KnitGlobal, so it’s a bit easier to work with.

I’m not 100% happy with them, but it’s mainly my own fault for not using a bigger size needle for the colourwork, which was because I failed to read the pattern properly before and hadn’t put a bigger needle in my project bag before I went out, and being pig headed, I didn’t want to stop knitting till I got home! So the colourwork in general is a bit tighter than I would like ideally. Also, when I knit the second sock, I used a Norwegian Knitting Thimble for the colourwork sections, which is one of these bad boys:


The yellow/orange bit of yarn on the right should have been over the top of the loop of metal, by the way, not hanging off the side – I suspect I mucked up my tension when I was taking the picture. Anyway… It is absolute genius for two colour work. I saw a post from someone on Ravelry using one, so naturally had to find out what it was. They’re only a few quid on eBay, and make such a huge difference to not getting tangled up. {Side note – they also make you look like even more of a witch when you’re knitting in public than knitting socks on circular needles already does – I took the picture above when I was out and about in York watching a friend in the York Dragon Boat Race, and I was getting nearly as many stares as the rowers!} BUT – it did make a difference to my tension, and, as you can see in this picture, the right sock’s colourwork section is noticeably smaller than the left one:


As I’m sure you can see, when I took that picture, I deliberately lined up the top of the colourwork section, but the bottom is a good couple of rows higher up – I did do all the pattern, there’s the same number of rows knit; they’re just smaller because my tension was tighter from using the thimble. The leg colourwork isn’t quite as noticeably different as the toe, but it’s still different (and definitely distorted around my leg too – I definitely needed bigger needles for that bit!):


This was a good practice run though – there are a few pairs of the TdS socks that look like they’re going to be colourwork based on the yarn requirements, so at least I know now, and can adjust my sock size/needle size accordingly, both to accommodate the fact that colourwork is a bit tighter anyway, and more again to allow for the change in tension with the thimble.

Overall, I like them. They’re bright and cheery, they’re my first big foray into colourwork socks (the Beach Hut Socks had a little bit of colourwork but only for 4 rows!), and I think they’re generally not a bad first effort.

Speaking of Tour De Sock, the competition has started now, so registration has closed, and I’ve already made a decent start on the first sock of Stage One – it started on 15 July, and I think the finishing line is just over a week away, and I didn’t originally think I had a cats chance in hell of finishing in time, but having made the whole foot in just over 24 hours, and knowing I have a few days off work this week, I might just manage it. You never know. More about that in my next round up post though!

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