Finished Objects

FO: G&T Catnip Socks

FO = Finished Object, just in case you’re not familiar with the term…

Since I keep splodging their photo everywhere (because it’s one of the few half decent photos I could find), I figured I’d better do a post about these socks:



(Excuse the pasty pale Yorkshire legs – I can’t help those, I’m from Yorkshire, and therefore automatically so pale I’m basically see through! And the slightly mucky windows too. Housework is not my strong point – it takes up valuable crafting time.)

The yarn is Dusted Dreams sock yarn by Easy Knits, in colourway Gin & Tonic, which they don’t seem to do anymore, but they have a very similar looking one called Neon Nonsense on some of their other bases. I bought it at Yarndale in 2016 for a fairly usual amount of money for nice sock yarn – twelve-fifteen quid or so I think for a 100g/425m skein. It’s 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon, so is super soft, and my experience of this yarn in other socks is that it copes perfectly well in a gentle machine wash, although these ones haven’t gone through yet. It’s mostly cream, with speckles of neon yellow/blue/green and very occasional specks of dark brown. It looked like this in the skein:



Looks like this pic has only one little splodge of brown, up at the top of the skein. Good work on the photography skills there, Bex. I love Easy Knits yarn – every time I go to an event they are selling at, I lose a huge portion of my budget on their stand! I don’t know how they do it, but their colours just knock socks off everyone else (pun absolutely intended)! I may or may not have used a lot of what I have bought, and still have rather a lot in my stash. It’s insulation, right?

The pattern is Catnip Socks by Wendy D Johnson and is free on Ravelry (which is free to join, if you’re not already a member). The lace is an easy-to-memorise eight row by eight stitch repeat, and the socks are constructed toe up, starting with Judy’s Magic Cast On, and following a fairly normal sock recipe. I knit them magic loop on 2.25mm needles, and I only used about 75% of the skein, so plenty left for leftovers to do cuffs/toes on another pair (or whatever), and actually I’ve already started using it for cuffs/toes on my Tour De Sock warm up socks (more about those another time).


The lacy texture means they’re great for this time of year when it’s a bit warmer out, but people with ridiculously bad circulation like me (yay, Raynauds…) still need woolly socks. Incidentally, many people don’t realise that wool socks are fine to wear all year round – the breathability of wool means they actually do quite a good job of keeping your feet cool (as well as warm in winter) so you don’t get quite so pongy trotters. Always a bonus.

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